Autumn. In the autumn I feel just like this… I travel by train without a ticket, fall asleep on the buses. Funk and soul play into my ear. So as usual. I meet new people, forget days of the week, I’m late for meetings. Don’t eat much or don’t eat at all. Rarely call my parents. I watch sad films and read sad books. I leave house at 5.55 and head back at 22.55. I’m working, drawing, singing, reading, dreaming, recalling. And missing (someone) in the evenings. I dream about love. This one and only.


     I’m drowning in the sounds of loneliness. Tea with milk for breakfast. Quick text in the morning ‘hi! How is it going?’ I’m falling asleep easily. I don’t think about anyone. My dreams are torn. I forget why, for what.

Call me if you want to hear all of this. I will pop in in the evening with bottle of wine to listen to old records.

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