Smell of autumn in the air. I am sad because I love summer. But I hope that autumn will calm me down. That something (maybe someone) will piece me together into one whole.

Red lipstick and a handful of change. In my pocket. Head full of dreams. New plans. New challenges. I start everything. From the beginning. Again. Hope is back.
I think about him sometimes, still. I remember his laugh when I said (again) something funny (unintentionally). He used to tell me I’m cute. Kissed my forehead and disappeared. That’s how he was. And that will never change. Elusive. Not for me. He walked away. I stayed. Another change in my life. I do not regret.

But honestly, I feel like every day in the same place at the same time the same car splashed me the same water from a puddle on the zebra crossing on Kings Cross. Well, after all, this is pointless. But… changes. YES. Because I love changes. Changes are cool. Awfully cool. I really fucking love it.

Strange fascination fascinating me.